14th International Conference on Plant Pathogenic Bacteria (14th ICPPB)

The Impact of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria on Global Plant Health | Representative: Paola Minardi

  • Date: from 03 July 2022 to 08 July 2022

  • Event location: Valle di Assisi Hotel - Via S. Bernardino Da Siena 116, 06088, Santa Maria degli Angeli (PG)

The 14th International Conference on Plant Pathogenic Bacteria (14th ICPPB) will take place in Assisi (PG) in Italy from July 3 to 8, 2022.

The mission of the 14th ICPPB is to promote and disseminate the latest scientific advances in all aspects of phytobacteriology and encourage dialogue and collaboration between researchers. 

The latest developments in the field, either basic or applied, will be presented and discussed at the conference. Invited and Keynote talks, oral and poster sessions will be held on key topics including: Disease Epidemiology and Pathogen Ecology; Disease Emergence and Pathogen Evolution; Disease Control and Prevention; New Tools in Disease Diagnostics and Pathogen Identification; Molecular Plant – Bacteria (and Insect) Interactions; Bacterial Pathogens and the Phytobiome; Natural and Engineered Plant Disease Resistance; Nanotechnology in the Disease Control, New insights on Xylella fastidiosa.

The participation of PhD students and young researchers is encouraged.