Agricultural meteorology for a sustainable water management in agroecosystems

AIAM - second edition of the International Advanced School of Agricultural Meteorology - DISTAL’s reference person involved: Francesca Ventura

  • Date: from 05 September 2022 to 09 September 2022

  • Event location: DISTAL – Viale G. Fanin 44, 40137 Bologna

  • Access Details: Admission subject to enrolment/registration and payment of a fee


The Italian Association of Agrometeorology (AIAM) is proud to announce the second edition of the International Advanced School of Agricultural Meteorology, dedicated to “AGRICULTURAL METEOROLOGY FOR A SUSTAINABLE WATER MANAGEMENT IN AGROECOSYSTEMS”.

Agricultural Meteorology is a support to strengthen the agricultural water sector through new strategies, techniques and measures, especially under the impact of climate change. The school aims to build up knowledge about the use of integrated tools and advanced technologies for a sustainable water management in agroecosystems.

The 2022 edition aims to provide young researchers and professionals with high-level innovative knowledge and skills on the most advanced technologies for the agrometeorological analysis and monitoring applied to a sustainable agricultural development under climate change.