AIEAA Annual Conference, Guns, Germs and Climate: Food Security and Food Systems in a Risky World

12th AIEAA Conference: Contributions of researchers from DISTAL | Representative: Stefano Targetti

  • Date: from 22 June 2023 to 23 June 2023

  • Event location: Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono, 7, 20122 Milano MI

  • Access Details: Admission subject to enrolment/registration and payment of a fee

Organised session: Result-based contracts for improving the delivery of public goods from agri-ecosystems. Chair: Schaller L.L., Raggi M., Targetti S.

Oral presentations:
-Borgia R., Zavalloni M., Viaggi D. Impact of different policy instruments on the introduction of sustainable innovation along agri-food value chains: The perception of project coordinators; -Pellegrini E., Fasolino N.G., Viaggi D. Drought impacts: assessments of the interrelations between the impacts; -Russo S., Viaggi D., Raggi M., Povellato A., Bimbati B., Farm Characteristics And Exogenous Factors Influencing The Choice To Buy Land In Italy; -Targetti S., Zavalloni M., Viaggi D. Result based schemes, uncertainty, and the value of better information.

-Fasolino N.G., Viaggi D., How to engage farmers in the bioeconomy; -Pellegrini E., Raggi M., Targetti S., Viaggi D., Understanding the governance of drought through a multi-actor approach: insights from the Emilia-Romagna MAP. -Raina N., Zavalloni M., Viaggi D., Cross-case Analysis of Payment Mechanisms for Carbon Farming; -Rinaldi G.M., Viaggi D., Mapping the Italian Knowledge and Innovation System for Bioeconomy (KISB): actors, connections and flows.