Wheat Initiative Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

Representative: Roberto Tuberosa

  • Date: from 05 July 2022 to 06 July 2022

  • Event location: Botanical Garden - Berlin

  • Access Details: Free admission subject to enrolment

Presentation of the Wheat Initiative Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) that include the key challenges and priorities for wheat research for the next years. Key points are organised around four thematic core themes: (1) Increase wheat yield potential, (2) Protect yield potential, (3) Protect the environment and increase the sustainability of wheat production systems, (4) Ensure the supply of high quality, safe wheat. 

During the event, Prof. Tuberosa, of Agricultural Genetics group of DISTAL University of Bologna,member of Wheat Initiative scientific board will present the Strategic Research Agenda main points related to will give a presentation entitled: “To the root of the problem: leveraging the root architecture QTLome for a more resilient and sustainable cereal production.