XXVth EUCARPIA Maize and Sorghum Conference - Belgrade

International conference on new challenges and new methods for maize and sorghum breeding - Silvio Salvi (DISTAL) Member of the Scientific committee and chairman

  • Date: from 30 May 2022 to 02 June 2022

  • Event location: Serbia - Belgrade

During the XXVth EUCARPIA Maize and Sorghum Conference an oral presentation by the Agricultural Genetics group of DISTAL University of Bologna, will be given.

The title of the presentation will be “QTL MAPPING IDENTIFIES NOVEL MAJOR LOCI FOR EAR FASCIATION, EAR PROLIFICACY, AND TILLERING IN MAIZE” by the authors: Li K., Tassinari A., Rosignoli S., Urbany C., Presterl T., Ouzunova M., Tuberosa R., Salvi S.