Coopid project: virtual visit to Caviro

Virtual visit to the biggest winery in Italy with a special focus on successful business model in the European bioeconomy | Representatives: Fasolino Nunzia Gabriella, Matteo Zavalloni, Davide Viaggi

  • Date: 27 June 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00

  • Event location: Online

  • Access Details: Free admission subject to enrolment

The reduction of CO2 emissions and an overall lower waste production chain hinge on the successful uptake of sustainable bio-based business models in the primary production sector. The EU-funded COOPID project is proposing a new strategy.

A network of COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters from 10 European countries has been created ad hoc, involving a range of stakeholders: primary producers, in cooperatives or associations, within agriculture, forestry and aquaculture; industry; public sector; research and academia.

Based on the proposed model, COOPID ambassadors will showcase success stories, organise workshops and conduct interactive dissemination and communication campaigns. One of the main target groups will be women and young producers who have great potential to innovate but are underrepresented in the primary production sector. During the workshop, participants will be engaged in an interactive discussion.