10 Oct 2023


Vertical Farming World Congress

Leonardo Royal Hotel, London, United Kindgom

“Improving productivity” presentation by Francesco Orsini within the 4th annual Vertical Farming World Congress taking place in London

9 Oct 2023 3 Nov 2023

Training initiatives

EIT Food RIS Inspire Summer School on Sustainable Food Production and Consumption | Deadline for application: September 23rd, 2023

The summer school will be delivered fully ONLINE on the Zoom platform

The third edition of the RIS Inspire Summer School of EIT Food coordinated by the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the University of Bologna kicks off!

Concluded events

22 Sep 2023

Presentations and meetings

OpenDistal 2023

Aula Magna Distal, viale Giuseppe Fanin, 40-50, 40127, Bologna (BO)

Researchers and students meet the agri-food organizations and companies

15 Sep 2023


Can innovative food production technologies boost sustainability of city/region food systems?

Online on Zoom and Youtube

Representative: Francesco Orsini

5 Sep 2023


Design and Technological Elements for Resource Efficient Vertical Farming

Kashiwanoha Conference Center (Chiba, Kashiwa, Japan) and within the event app

Keynote presentation of Francesco Orsini at the International Symposium on Vertical Farming (organized by the Japan Plant Factory Association)

29 Aug 2023 1 Sep 2023


Agri-Fodd Systems in a Changing World: Connecting Science and Society

Rennes (France)

XVII European Association of Agricultural Economists Congress | Representative: Stefano Targetti

12 Jul 2023

Guided tours and workshops

Orchard sustainable irrigation

9:00-12.30 - Aquacampus (Consorzio per il Canale Emiliano Romagnolo) Via Ronchi, Mezzolara di Budrio (Bologna) In presenza | 14:00-16:00 Regione Emilia-Romagna 3 TORRE, Sala 20 maggio 2012, Via della Fiera, 8. Bologna In presence and on line

From ETc, to soil-plant technologies, to remote sensing: an international workshop to get to know and discuss the different DSSs for orchard irrigation scheduling

7 Jul 2023

Presentations and meetings

SHEET project Workshop (ICT-Agrifood)

Aula Magna, DISTAL | Viale Giuseppe Fanin, 40-50, 40127 Bologna BO

Short talks on sunburn occurrence in apple and grapevine, canopy temperature distribution models and heat-wave forecasting. Hybrid event, held in English | Representative: Brunella Morandi

22 Jun 2023 23 Jun 2023


AIEAA Annual Conference, Guns, Germs and Climate: Food Security and Food Systems in a Risky World

Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono, 7, 20122 Milano MI

12th AIEAA Conference: Contributions of researchers from DISTAL | Representative: Stefano Targetti

21 Jun 2023


The potential sustainable strategies for food safety and shelf life prolongation

Biotechnology Research and Application Center, Cukurova University, Balcalí, Sariçam, 01330, Adana, Turkey and online

Final dissemination event of the project BioProMedFood | Representative: Fausto Gardini

14 Jun 2023 16 Jun 2023


5th European Maize Meeting

Complesso di San Giovanni in Monte - Piazza San Giovanni in Monte, 1/2 - 40100, Bologna, Italy

International meeting on maize genetics, genomics, epigenetics, gene regulation, genetic modification and editing. Organized by C. Forestan, E. Frascaroli, S. Salvi and R. Tuberosa

31 May 2023


When science benefits from art - the amazing natural world, a close-up look

Room 2, DISTAL | Viale Giuseppe Fanin, 40-50, 40127 Bologna BO

Luisa Ferreira Nunes Polytechnic University of Castelo Branco, Portugal. Teacher of Forest Ecology, Entomology, Science Communication and Biomimicry