Fatemeh Shanbeh Zadeh e Yue Huang, PhD students awarded during the Eu Green Week partner event

Fatemeh Shanbeh Zadeh e Yue Huang, PhD students awarded during the Eu Green Week partner event

They speak about their researches at Distal

Published: 10 June 2024 | Premi e riconoscimenti

Some days ago, during the Eu Green week partner event “La giornata green del dottorato @distal multicampus | Acqua, resilienza e oltre”, two PhD students were awarded, Fatemeh Shanbeh Zadeh and Yue Huang: the first for the best presentation, the second for the best video.

We have asked them wich is the aim of their researches and what they expect for their future.

“My research aims to improve public health by enhancing nutrition and food safety standards through sustainable and green solutions – Fatemeh Shanbeh Zadeh says - I am focusing on developing methods to ensure the food we consume is safe and nutritious, aiming to reduce foodborne illnesses and improve dietary quality”. She is currently in the second year of her PhD: “I am working on new protocols to enhance food safety and nutritional quality through eco-friendly and sustainable practices”.

By the end of her PhD, she expect to have developed practical recommendations and tools that can be used by food producers, regulatory bodies, and consumers to enhance food safety and nutritional quality: “Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to healthier and safer food practices that benefit public health while also promoting sustainability”, she say too.

“In short, my research goal is to obtain better morel/truffle strains - Yue Huang  says - Morels with higher nutritional value, faster growth, easier and 0 environmental impact cultivation. Truffles with - maybe, if I am lucky - shortened cultivation cycles”. Now she has obtained interspecific fusion strains of morels, cross-genus fusion strains of morels and truffles, and they are now been cultivating indoors to try to get to a mushroom.

“At the end of my PhD, I hope to achieve high-yield indoor cultivation of morels and solve a little bit the truffle's mating problem”, her aim.