28 Mar 2022 29 Mar 2022


Nutritional modeling of growth in pigs and its application in precision feeding

Room 10, DISTAL - Viale Giuseppe Fanin, 48 - Bologna (also online with Teams)

Seminar of Prof. Jaap van Milgen as a visiting scholar from INRAE: Saint-Gilles for the PhD courses

24 Mar 2022


Great Life project: Final Conference

DISTAL - Viale G. Fanin, 44 - Bologna, Italy and Online

Coordinator: Giovanni Dinelli

22 Mar 2022 23 Mar 2022

Presentations and meetings

Low-Input Farming and Territories (LIFT)

Online - Zoom

LIFT Annual meeting & Final Conference - Davide Viaggi

23 Mar 2022


14th World Tomato Congress


DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Marco Dalla Rosa - Update and Innovations in the tomato processing industry

22 Mar 2022


Coopid project: Virtual visit to Caviro


Virtual visit to the biggest winery in Italy. Special focus on successful business model, circular and sustainable bioeconomy. Representatives: Davide Viaggi, Fasolino Nunzia G., Matteo Zavalloni.

18 Mar 2022


War in Ukraine: its Implications on Energy and Mineral Resources

Online - Microsoft Teams

With Raffaella Campaner, Daniela Cavalcoli, Leonardo Setti and Paolo Garofalo

17 Mar 2022


Technology in Urban Farming

Online - Zoom

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Francesco Orsini

15 Mar 2022


Paving the way towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education


Workshop on the intersection of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) and Sustainable Education (SE), with a special focus on circular and sustainable bioeconomy - Davide Viaggi

14 Mar 2022


Green Deal and Farm to Fork - Mirta Alessandrini, University of Wageningen

DISTAL – Aula 3 - Viale G. Fanin 44, 40137 Bologna

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Claudia Giordano

10 Mar 2022


Workshop - ASPA

Online - Zoom

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Luca Fontanesi

1 Mar 2022


Microbiome and microbiota, innovative aspects of the biotics’ family (pro-pre-sin and postbiotic) and the development of functional foods

Campus Universitario Scienze degli Alimenti, P.zza Goidanich 60 47521 Cesena, aula D and online

Biotics and development of functional foods. Representative: Francesca Patrignani

22 Feb 2022


Lecture about “Circular Economy and Food Waste” at Wageningen University

Online on Brightspace

Claudia Giordano (DISTAL) is invited speaker at the course “Agri-Environmental Law and Policy”, Wageningen University