From Seed to Pasta IV – FSTP4

Referenti: Roberto Tuberosa

  • Data: dal 26 ottobre 2022 al 29 ottobre 2022

  • Luogo: Conference Centre | Tower 3 - Viale della Fiera 8, 40127, Bologna (BO)

  • Modalità d'accesso: Ingresso previa iscrizione/registrazione a pagamento

4th international congress on durum wheat research, that will deal with multidisciplinary research topics, from breeding and seed production towards a more sustainable and resilient durum wheat chain capable of enhancing food security while providing more nutritious grain and a healthier diet.

Roberto Tuberosa is co-chairing the Congress with Dr. Karim Ammar and is the main local organizer. Prof. Marco Maccaferri is a member of the scientific committee and is also one one of the invited speakers (see program).

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