Smart Technologies for a Sustainable Agriculture

3rd AgriFood Electronics IEEE CAS Seasonal School | Referente: Luca Corelli Grappadelli

  • Data: dal 26 settembre 2022 al 27 settembre 2022

  • Luogo: Politecnico di Torino, Torino (TO)

In this seasonal school agribusiness issues will be presented, associated with the sustainability of the agriculture from the agronomy’s point of view, as well as from the circuits and systems perspective. The school, organized in Hybrid Mode, aims to motivate researchers, students, and industry to successfully address the growing world-feeding challenge by finding the right economical solutions. This seasonal school, that we are repeating on a yearly basis, is meant to become the meeting point for professionals working on Precision and Smart Agriculture, IoT, sensors, electronic circuits, electronic systems, Integrated Circuits, and many more.

Electronics applied to following topics will be addressed:
• Sensors for Agriculture
• Soil Analysis
• Growth and Health Monitoring
• Food Waste Process and Reutilization
• IoT Applied to Agribusiness.