18 Mar 2022


War in Ukraine: its Implications on Energy and Mineral Resources

Online - Microsoft Teams

With Raffaella Campaner, Daniela Cavalcoli, Leonardo Setti and Paolo Garofalo

17 Mar 2022


Technology in Urban Farming

Online - Zoom

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Francesco Orsini

15 Mar 2022


Paving the way towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education


Workshop on the intersection of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) and Sustainable Education (SE), with a special focus on circular and sustainable bioeconomy - Davide Viaggi

14 Mar 2022


Green Deal and Farm to Fork - Mirta Alessandrini, University of Wageningen

DISTAL – Aula 3 - Viale G. Fanin 44, 40137 Bologna

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Claudia Giordano

10 Mar 2022


Workshop - ASPA

Online - Zoom

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Luca Fontanesi

1 Mar 2022


Microbiome and microbiota, innovative aspects of the biotics’ family (pro-pre-sin and postbiotic) and the development of functional foods

Campus Universitario Scienze degli Alimenti, P.zza Goidanich 60 47521 Cesena, aula D and online

Biotics and development of functional foods. Representative: Francesca Patrignani

22 Feb 2022


Lecture about “Circular Economy and Food Waste” at Wageningen University

Online on Brightspace

Claudia Giordano (DISTAL) is invited speaker at the course “Agri-Environmental Law and Policy”, Wageningen University

20 Feb 2022

Presentations and meetings

The routes to food waste: insights on consumer-level dynamics

Expo Dubai, M-Eating Italy Business Lounge and Food Experience and online

Elisa Carloni (DISTAL) will talk at Expo Dubai, within the event titled “Towards sustainable food, from production to consumption”

17 Feb 2022 18 Feb 2022

Presentations and meetings

FoodLAND annual meeting

Online - Teams

Second annual meeting for the H2020 project “FoodLAND” coordinated by Marco Setti (DISTAL)

18 Feb 2022


Agrivoltaic: a system to combine food and energy production

Aula Magna Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences. Viale G. Fanin, 44, Bologna, Italy and Online

Moderator: Francesca Ventura

17 Feb 2022

Shows and festivals

UrbanFarm 2022, Grand Finale


4th edition of the international student challenge “UrbanFarm” - Giuseppina Pennisi

10 Feb 2022


ModificaGuida Smart, Specialized, Sustainable Orchard – S3O

DISTAL – Viale G. Fanin 44, 40137 Bologna

Final conference