22 Apr 2022


“Are we pushing broilers to their biological limits?”

Palacongressi di Rimini (Via della Fiera 23, Rimini)

With Massimiliano Petracci

12 Apr 2022


Workshop on “Identification, analysis and design of innovative and sustainable agri-food value chains”

Hendrik Conscience Building – meeting room Janet Rowley 2 A1B01 – Address: Bd Roi Albert II 15, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium

Project: CO-FRESH - CO-creating sustainable and competitive FRuits and vEgetableS’ value cHains in Europe - Contacts: Riccardo Borgia, Matteo Zavalloni, Davide Viaggi

6 Apr 2022

Career guidance and work

Transition2BIO Co-creation workshop ‘Future skills for Bioeconomy’ - Agriculture, Food and Feed

Online - Microsoft Teams

Identify the future skills and related educational needs for the development of the future workforce in the European bioeconomy - DISTAL’s reference person involved: Davide Viaggi

3 Apr 2022 5 Apr 2022


TROPICSAFE – Final Conference

San Giuliano – Corsica and online

Meeting on Insect-borne prokaryote-associated diseases in tropical and subtropical perennial crops. Assunta Bertaccini as project leader and Nicoletta Contaldo as researcher

4 Apr 2022


Seminar on Long term vision for rural areas in the EU

Online - Zoom

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Emilia Pellegrini

31 Mar 2022


Advances in kiwi cultivation: new varieties, bacterial canker and management of photoselective covers

San Fernando, Chile

Presentation Dr. Biondi: “Recent advances for the control of bacterial canker of kiwifruit (Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae)” - International Seminar/FIC project seminar, Chairman Prof. Set Perez

30 Mar 2022


Workshop on “Innovation dynamics in agri-food value chains”

Online - Microsoft Teams

DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Claudia Giordano and Elisa Carloni

28 Mar 2022 29 Mar 2022


Nutritional modeling of growth in pigs and its application in precision feeding

Room 10, DISTAL - Viale Giuseppe Fanin, 48 - Bologna (also online with Teams)

Seminar of Prof. Jaap van Milgen as a visiting scholar from INRAE: Saint-Gilles for the PhD courses

24 Mar 2022


Great Life project: Final Conference

DISTAL - Viale G. Fanin, 44 - Bologna, Italy and Online

Coordinator: Giovanni Dinelli

22 Mar 2022 23 Mar 2022

Presentations and meetings

Low-Input Farming and Territories (LIFT)

Online - Zoom

LIFT Annual meeting & Final Conference - Davide Viaggi

23 Mar 2022


14th World Tomato Congress


DISTAL’s reference person involved in the event: Marco Dalla Rosa - Update and Innovations in the tomato processing industry

22 Mar 2022


Coopid project: Virtual visit to Caviro


Virtual visit to the biggest winery in Italy. Special focus on successful business model, circular and sustainable bioeconomy. Representatives: Davide Viaggi, Fasolino Nunzia G., Matteo Zavalloni.